Hi Folk!

We are Linux TLDR, a.k.a. “too long; didn’t read,” to crush the long format content into little digestible chunks that you can easily eat (referring to reading) every day without a single belch.

You might be wondering why this is required in the first place. Hold on a minute and let me explain to you the reason behind this site and our goals.

Our Story

A long time ago, before starting this blog, me and my whole team were Linux Luminaries and Explorers. We discovered many sites with high-quality content, but the explanations can be overwhelming at times.

Like, how many times do you re-read the content once you understand everything? Most likely, you will directly go through the commands in the future to repeat the process without reading the complete explanation. correct?

During the process, you might encounter multiple errors or problems while following this approach. Why? The reason is that sometimes important elements are written within the blog content that you skip while scrolling through commands.

That’s right; even if you read the full content in the past, following just the commands to duplicate the process can create a lot of issues and problems, and here we come to remove those problems from your Linux life.

Our Mission

We Linux TlDR writers write “too long; didn’t read” content with short and descriptive explanations that you can go through within minutes to start following the commands without reading long, overwhelming content.

We will replace your long hours, effort, and mental pain from going through giant amounts of content with a few short minutes of comfort and mental ease from our short, well informed content.

I think that’s enough for the about page; let’s take a break, and I hope you understood our mission and goals for this site. However, while talking to you, I went too far and wrote this giant, overwhelming about page.

However, this and the privacy policy will only be on the pages with overwhelming giant content, and me and my entire team promise to deliver you short and informative content in the coming days.

Till then, sayonara!

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