[Fixed] pkg-config script could not be found in Linux

Are you also facing the “pkg-config script could not be found” or “configure: error: pkg-config is required” error while compiling your favorite program? Then just run one of the following commands based on your Linux distribution, and the problem will be resolved. Interested in knowing

Tokei: Quickly Count Different Metrics in Your Codebase

Once you have completed your assignment on a big software project (with or without a team), have you ever thought about how much code in different programming languages has been used in the project? If the project is hosted on GitHub, you might catch a

Bat is a Modern Drop-in Replacement for Cat Command on Linux

The bat is a modern command-line program written in the Rust programming language, and I can confidently say it’s a great drop-in replacement for our beloved cat command. If you’re wondering why I’m hyping this so much and what it has to offer you that

How to Add and Remove Passwords from PDF Files on Linux

PDFs are the primary file format for sharing sensitive educational, government, or office documents with individuals, often encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorized access. However, with a valid password, individuals can easily decrypt and store them in an encrypted wallet for future access. But

How to Install and Use LunarVim on Linux (Complete Guide)

LunarVim is a fantastic NeoVim-based IDE, a community-driven project available for free to try, providing support for most popular programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, Node.js, Angular, Go, Scala, and 13+ more. It comes with a default configuration to offer features such as autocompletion,

What is Polyglot (and Hyperpolyglot) in Programming

A traditional journey for non-programmers entering the programming realm is to choose one of many programming languages and begin mastering it until they are able to make some use of it and create a full-fledged application. The journey would eventually end here if the person

How to Install Development Tools on Linux (Ultimate Guide)

Development tools are a set of software applications and utilities specifically designed to aid software developers in creating, debugging, testing, and maintaining software applications. These development tools include necessary applications such as GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), GNU Make, Git, GDB (GNU Debugger), and many more.

Fastfetch: A Tool for Fetching System Information on Linux

Fastfetch is a tool for fetching system information, similar to Neofetch, but with enhanced performance because it’s written in C and offers greater customizability, providing you with more control over the output. Overall, it’s a good tool available for most operating systems, like Linux, Android,

Installing NASM and Writing Your First Assembly Program on Linux

Assembly language is one of the most popular topics in the coding community as it offers you the ability to work at a low level that is closely tied to a computer’s architecture and hardware. It provides a human-readable representation of machine code instructions, allowing

How to Install C# on Linux (and Usage with Practical Examples)

C# (pronounced “C sharp”) is a modern, high-level, multiple paradigms, and object-oriented programming language developed by tech titan Microsoft. Originally debuted in the early 2000s as part of the .NET framework, this technology has since evolved and become a core component of the .NET ecosystem.

Installing Dart Programming Language on Linux

Dart, a prominent programming language, is developed and maintained by tech titan Google. Google’s Flutter leverages Dart as its language, empowering developers to develop cross-platform applications from a single codebase. It aims to provide a productive and readable C-style syntax while offering features that make

VSCode Tutorial: Features, Installation Guide, and Top Extensions

Visual Studio Code (a.k.a. VSCode) is a free and open-source code editor developed by the software giant Microsoft. It is one of the most popular code editors in the developer community due to its lightweight, speedy, and feature-rich nature. VSCode offers a highly customizable and