Tilix: A Tiling Terminal Emulator With Bookmark Support

The Tilix terminal emulator has existed for a very long time, but it’s very underrated despite being so good. Even for me, I’ve only recently heard about it from one of our readers named “Claude LaFrenière”, so a shout-out to him. In recent times, you

Monitor Linux User Activity With Acct or Psacct Tools

The “acct” or “psacct” are two of the best-known tools for assisting system administrators in keeping track of other users’ activity on their system and what resources are being consumed. Prior to moving further into the explanation, let me clarify that both of these tools

How to Enable/Disable Monitor Mode in Linux (using 3 Methods)

If you are a penetration tester, network administrator, or security professional diving into the realm of WiFi pentesting, your journey will involve enabling monitor mode on your Network Interface Card (NIC). In this article, we go over what monitor and managed modes are in your

DistroBox: Try Out Multiple Linux Distributions via the Terminal

As you all know, Linux is famous for its multiple variants in the name of distributions, each offering unique software repositories, package managers, desktop environments, release cycles, stability, and much more. The well-known Linux distributions are Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, and Arch, with the major

How to Install and Use uv: A Python Installer and Resolver

uv is a Rust-based Python installer and resolver designed to replace “pip“, “pip-tools“, and “virtualenv” commands, offering great 10-100x speed and advanced features like dependency version overrides and alternative resolution strategies. It has already been tested at scale against the top 10,000 PyPI packages, supporting

NetHogs: Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool in Linux

NetHogs is a lightweight, open-source network bandwidth monitoring tool (similar to Top for process monitoring) that can help you identify the process or application consuming the most network traffic bandwidth in real-time. All detected processes will be listed with their PID, owner, program (PATH, IP

LosslessCut: A GUI Front-End for FFmpeg for Audio/Video Editing

LosslessCut is a free and open-source GUI front-end for the FFmpeg CLI tool, providing a seamless experience for converting, trimming, merging, extracting, and more with media files. If you feel uncomfortable with FFmpeg, you can utilize this tool for multimedia processing. While it may not

Marker: A Free and Open-Source Markdown Editor for Linux

Marker is a free and open-source markdown editor for Linux, built on GTK3. It offers a dual panel for reading and writing basic to extended markdown syntax, along with other additional features. This feature involves syntax highlighting, support for mermaid diagrams, charter plots, effortless export

Basic to Extended Markdown Cheat Sheet With Examples

Markdown is a widely used standard for distributing text files with special syntax that modern software can easily understand and format, eliminating the need to write the entire HTML code. Consider it a way to add HTML style and structure to your text document in

Ulaa: A Secure and Private Browser Based on Chromium

Could Ulaa be another browser in the privacy and security race, alongside browsers such as Waterfox, Mercury, Tor Browser, Mullvad Browser, etc.? Let’s find out that in this article. Tutorial Details Description Ulaa Browser Difficulty Level Low Root or Sudo Privileges No OS Compatibility Windows,

JDownloader: An Open-Source Alternative to IDM (Install + Usage)

JDownloader is one of my favorite tools, as it is a free and open-source download management tool for multi-platform use, making it a perfect alternative to proprietary software such as IDM. It can perform all the tasks that other tools, like IDM, can do. To