Installing and Using Curl on Linux Like a Pro

Curl is an amazing open source command-line tool and a library for transferring data with URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). It provides support for 26 protocols and allows you to send requests and retrieve responses through these protocols. The majority of Linux distributions provide curl out

Access ChatGPT Prompt in your Linux Terminal

As Linux users, we primarily rely on the Linux terminal and prefer to use GUI alternatives to the CLI like Ranger (a CLI based file manager) or w3m (a CLI based web browser). In the ongoing buzz of LLM models like ChatGPT, accessing them via

How to Install Fish Shell (with Starship) in Linux

The Fish is a modern (friendly interactive shell) program identical to its allies, like Bash and Zsh, but with sprinkles on top. What does that mean? You already know about the Bash shell (because it’s the default login shell for most Linux distros) and the

How to Install Zsh (with Oh-My-Zsh) in Linux

Bash is the default shell for most of the Linux distributions, but it is not the only one; there are other shell interpreters like ZSH (and Fish) that are available. Kali Linux and macOS Catalina were early adopters of ZSH as the default login shell,

Beginners Guide for Alias Command in Linux

In Linux, the alias command is used to create shortcuts for long commands that have the same functionality as if you were writing the whole command. This way, you can improve your productivity and save time by creating a few aliases for the long or

How to Shrink Long or Multiple Commands into a Single Short Command

Do you still type the long “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y” commands each time you want to update your Debian-based system? Or are you still navigating into directories (ex: “/var/www/html“) using the cd command each time you have to modify something there?