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At Linux TLDR, we write various articles on different topics related to Linux, or FOSS. These can include how-tos, solutions to particular problems, reviews of specific topics, programming, hardware, computing terminology, and many more.

Presently, we have a small team of writers across two major continents, North America and Asia, with several having contributed a substantial number of articles to help you in your Linux journey.

While we strive to publish as many articles as we can for a particular niche that can assist a small or major group of readers in finding information not readily available on the internet.

However, with limited manpower and a substantial volume of topics already listed, execution may be delayed, as there is a long queue of articles for our writers. If you are a professional, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

So, if you can fulfill the following requirements and your profile aligns with them, we can engage in a discussion.

  • The writer should possess a solid understanding of Linux (including its terminologies) and FOSS.
  • The writer can write an article of up to 400+ words in English (United States).
  • The writing style and tone must align with our brand.
  • The writer should have knowledge and practical experience with WordPress.
  • The article’s topic should be related to Linux, FOSS, or non-free services, projects, gadgets, and other subjects that align with our brand and goals.

Once you submit your article, it will be added to the queue immediately. Once it passes all our criteria, you will be immediately notified, and the article will be scheduled for publication.

Now, if you are writing the article for the following reason:.

  • A sugar-coated article related to a project or service owned by you.
  • An article written with the help of generative AI or any other AI tools.
  • An article written for a backlink redirected to your domain (whether it be a blog, e-commerce site, project, service, etc.).

If any incorrect practices are found during the article review, it will not be entertained or tolerated. It would be immediately rejected, wasting both of our time, so please avoid such practices.

Finally, the article you provide will be considered a contribution, not a guest post (where individuals write an article in exchange for money or a backlink). If it is a good article, it will definitely be published with credits.

So, if you’ve made up your mind and are ready to write your first article for our site, then send us an email with the subject β€œWrite an Article: <TOPIC NAME>” to our email at [email protected], including a link or two draft articles of your recent work or a blog link where you already contributed.

Till then, peace!