How to Install Docker and Docker Compose in Major Linux Distributions

This article intends to focus on what Docker and Docker Compose are, their usage and drawbacks, and how to install them in major Linux distributions. Tutorial Details Description Docker and Docker Compose Difficulty Level Moderate Root or Sudo Privileges Yes Host System and Architecture Ubuntu

How to Configure Docker Containers with DockSTARTer in Linux

This article tends to make it easier for DevOps engineers to manage Docker and Docker containers, but I wouldn’t recommend following it unless you already know how they work. Tutorial Details Description Configure Docker and Docker Containers with DockSTARTer in Linux Difficulty Level Moderate Root

ExplainShell: The Best Alternative for Linux Man Pages

Look at the following command and tell me what each part of it does: You might be full of confidence if you are a pro Linux user, but things are not that easy for beginners, and even for advanced users, there will be some commands