VSCode Tutorial: Features, Installation Guide, and Top Extensions

Visual Studio Code (a.k.a. VSCode) is a free and open-source code editor developed by the software giant Microsoft. It is one of the most popular code editors in the developer community due to its lightweight, speed, and feature-rich nature. VSCode offers a highly customizable and

Installation of Node.js on Linux for Newbies

Node.js is quite popular among developers and Linux users. The capability of providing JavaScript functionalities outside the web browser using Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine opens the door for many possibilities. Like, you can create full stack web applications, real-time applications, RESTful APIs, Microservices Architecture, Command-line

How to Install and Use NPX in Linux

You might already be aware of the popular NPM (Node Package Manager) used as a package manager for Node, while NPX (Node Package eXecute), introduced in NPM version 5.2.0 (on August 10, 2017), an NPM package runner, is quite unpopular. In this article, you will