Linux Weekly Roundup: Tails 5.17.1, LMDE 6 ‘Faye,’ SysLinuxOS 12.1, and Fatdog64 900 Series Release Highlights

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Welcome to our Linux weekly roundup 🐧, where we curate the most exciting news 📰, developments 🚀, latest hardware innovations 💻, essential tools 🛠️, and distribution updates 🌐 in the Linux community 🌟!

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  • Tails version 5.17.1 was released with upgrades to Tor Browser and Tor (resolving critical issues), as well as the addition of “$HOME/.local/bin” to “$PATH” if it exists, addressing various issues.
  • LMDE 6 “Faye” includes instructions for expert mode installation, locked root account management, Virtualbox Guest Additions setup, VLC DVD playback, KDE app issue resolution, and PAE support for 32-bit kernels.
  • SysLinuxOS 12.1 introduces kernel 6.4, VMware Player 17, and various improvements in preparation for new custom repositories, affecting both Gnome and Mate versions.
  • The Fatdog64 team has introduced the initial release of Fatdog64 GNU/Linux 900 series, which is built on LFS 11.3, replacing the previous 800 series that used LFS 8.2, and includes updated packages from BLFS 11.3 or newer.
  • Univention Corporate Server 5.0-5 is the fifth point release with security updates, bug fixes, and improvements, offering a 12-week upgrade window, and the next release, UCS 5.0-6, scheduled for early to mid-December.

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