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  • How to Install and Use NPX in Linux

    You might already be aware of the popular NPM (Node Package Manager) used as a package manager for Node, while NPX (Node Package eXecute), introduced in NPM version 5.2.0 (on August 10, 2017), an NPM package runner, is quite unpopular. In this article, you will

  • How to Install Docker and Docker Compose in Major Linux Distributions

    This article intends to focus on what Docker and Docker Compose are, their usage and drawbacks, and how to install them in major Linux distributions. Tutorial Details Description Docker and Docker Compose Difficulty Level Moderate Root or Sudo Privileges Yes Host System and Architecture Ubuntu

  • How to Configure Docker Containers with DockSTARTer in Linux

    This article tends to make it easier for DevOps engineers to manage Docker and Docker containers, but I wouldn’t recommend following it unless you already know how they work. Tutorial Details Description Configure Docker and Docker Containers with DockSTARTer in Linux Difficulty Level Moderate Root

  • How to Automate SSH Login Using sshpass in Linux

    SSH, or Secure Shell, is a widely-used protocol for secure remote access to servers and other network devices. It allows users to connect to a remote machine or server using a command-line interface and authenticate using a password or key-based authentication. If you want to

  • How to Use the WP-CLI Command-Line Tool on Linux

    WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly CMS (content management systems) available on the market and can be easily used by coders and non-coders. The biggest reason for its popularity can be said to be its intuitive admin interface and plugin support, which

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