What is Polyglot (and Hyperpolyglot) in Programming

A traditional journey for non-programmers entering the programming realm is to choose one of many programming languages and begin mastering it until they are able to make some use of it and create a full-fledged application. The journey would eventually end here if the person

How to Install Development Tools on Linux (Ultimate Guide)

Development tools are a set of software applications and utilities specifically designed to aid software developers in creating, debugging, testing, and maintaining software applications. These development tools include necessary applications such as GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), GNU Make, Git, GDB (GNU Debugger), and many more.

How to: Install Angular CLI (and Create a New App) on Linux

Angular is a widely used open-source web application framework developed and maintained by Google, serves the purpose of creating dynamic single-page mobile or web applications (SPAs). It uses Typescript/Javascript and offers a rich set of features like component-based architecture, two-way data binding, dependency injection, directives,

Fastfetch: A Tool for Fetching System Information on Linux

Fastfetch is a tool for fetching system information, similar to Neofetch, but with enhanced performance because it’s written in C and offers greater customizability, providing you with more control over the output. Overall, it’s a good tool available for most operating systems, like Linux, Android,

Spyder is a Python IDE Tailored for Data Scientists

🚀 Quick Overview Don’t stick with VSCode or PyCharm for your Python journey if you’re a scientist, engineer, or data analyst. You already have a finely-tuned, tailored IDE specifically designed for you by people like you named Spyder. Spyder is an open-source, specially designed IDE

How to Run JavaScript in Python (with an Example)

Polyglot programming is uncommon but can be a lifesaver in specific situations. For example, we recently wrote an article about executing Python scripts within a PHP/HTML file, which can be valuable for certain programmers. This approach proves useful in scenarios such as running system diagnostic

How to Install Geany IDE on Linux (with Dark Theme)

Geany is a lightweight yet powerful IDE for programming languages like Python, C/C++, Java, and 50+ more, offering useful features that make it a viable replacement for Notepad++ on Linux. It is fast, highly customizable, supports 77 file types, is translated into 40 languages, provides

How to Run a Python Script on a PHP/HTML File

In this article, you will learn how to run a Python script on a PHP (or even a plain HTML) file using two different methods, along with practical examples. I assume you have already installed Python with Pip and set up the web development environment

Mercury is an Optimized Variant of Firefox (Installation + Tips)

In the past, I’ve covered a lot of variants of Firefox browsers; among them, the most popular are Tor Browser, Waterfox, and Mullvad. Yet, there is another browser in your way, named Mercury. Mercury is an Optimized Variant of Firefox ⚠️ Currently, this browser is

Uh-Halp is an AI-Powered Command-Line Helper for Linux

Uh Halp is a cutting-edge AI command-line tool powered by OpenAI’s most affordable model, enhancing your command-line experience like never before. If you’re a loyal reader (if not, bookmark us now), you probably already know about chatGPT shell cli. It’s identical to this, with the

Thorium is the Fastest Browser on Earth (Installation + Tips)

🚀 Quick Overview This article explores the Thorium browser, its performance tests using various methods and features, and the developer’s customizations, including installation steps on your favorite Linux distribution. If you’re solely interested in learning Thorium’s installation steps, check out this section. I was having

Mullvad Browser is a Tor Browser without a Tor Network

The Mullvad Browser, a joint effort of Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project, prioritizes privacy by minimizing tracking and fingerprinting, offering a Tor-like experience without the Tor Network. Instead of Tor Network, it integrates with a reliable VPN (basically Mullvad VPN itself), aiming to browse