LosslessCut: A GUI Front-End for FFmpeg for Audio/Video Editing

LosslessCut is a free and open-source GUI front-end for the FFmpeg CLI tool, providing a seamless experience for converting, trimming, merging, extracting, and more with media files. If you feel uncomfortable with FFmpeg, you can utilize this tool for multimedia processing. While it may not

FFmpeg: Powerful Multimedia Processing Tool (Installation + Usage)

FFmpeg (a.k.a. Fast Forward MPEG) is a robust, free, and open-source framework packed with a vast suite of libraries and programs for handling basic to advanced multimedia processing. It can perform tasks such as recording, converting, and streaming audio and video, making it the foundation

Marker: A Free and Open-Source Markdown Editor for Linux

Marker is a free and open-source markdown editor for Linux, built on GTK3. It offers a dual panel for reading and writing basic to extended markdown syntax, along with other additional features. This feature involves syntax highlighting, support for mermaid diagrams, charter plots, effortless export

Ulaa: A Secure and Private Browser Based on Chromium

Could Ulaa be another browser in the privacy and security race, alongside browsers such as Waterfox, Mercury, Tor Browser, Mullvad Browser, etc.? Let’s find out that in this article. Tutorial Details Description Ulaa Browser Difficulty Level Low Root or Sudo Privileges No OS Compatibility Windows,

Carbonyl: A Chromium-Based Browser Made for Your Terminal

Carbonyl is a Chromium-based terminal browser that can render graphical elements, play audio and video (default set to 60 fps), is less resource-intensive, and can also run through SSH. It bundles all necessary Web APIs, such as WebGL, WebGPU, animations, etc., and is considerably better

How to Create Permanent Bookmarks in VLC Without a Playlist

VLC comes with a bunch of features, and bookmark is one of them that lets users easily add bookmarks to multiple timestamps on the currently playing video for easy revisiting in the future. Now, the issue with VLC is that it only preserves bookmark changes

How to Install IDM on Ubuntu (and Other Linux Distro’s)

The IDM (Internet Download Manager) is likely the best download management software available on the market without a doubt, but unfortunately, it’s proprietary software, which raises some concerns. I won’t start a privacy lecture here, but if you’re attempting to use Windows-specific proprietary software on

JDownloader: An Open-Source Alternative to IDM (Install + Usage)

JDownloader is one of my favorite tools, as it is a free and open-source download management tool for multi-platform use, making it a perfect alternative to proprietary software such as IDM. It can perform all the tasks that other tools, like IDM, can do. To

How to Install and Use LunarVim on Linux (Complete Guide)

LunarVim is a fantastic NeoVim-based IDE, a community-driven project available for free to try, providing support for most popular programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, Node.js, Angular, Go, Scala, and 13+ more. It comes with a default configuration to offer features such as autocompletion,

Manage Multiple Versions of NeoVim via Bob Version Manager

NeoVim is a popular and modern CLI text editor for Linux. I’ve recently written a complete article on installing and using the latest version of NeoVim on your preferred Linux system. However, the article showed the traditional way of installing NeoVim, where you could only

How to Install Latest NeoVim on Linux (Ultimate Guide)

NeoVim is a modern command-line text editor designed to improve and modernize the original Vim editor by addressing some limitations and introducing new features. It provides support for asynchronous plugins, the Language Server Protocol, a built-in terminal emulator, built-in package management, and a more powerful

How to Execute JavaScript in a Jupyter Notebook on Linux

Jupyter Notebook is the most popular server-client application that allows you to write, run, test, and debug Python-interpreted programs on notebook documents via a web browser. Unfortunately, other interpreted programming languages, such as Javascript, lack such fully-fledged applications that offer tight integration and enable users