A Modern Warp Terminal With AI Features on Linux (Install + Use)

Warp is a modern terminal with AI features (built fully in Rust) to greatly enhance your workflow, productivity, and team collaboration on Linux, Windows (coming soon), and macOS. ๐Ÿ“ Its front-end (based on a Rust UI framework) is open-source, while the back-end (or server portion)

FrankenPHP: A Modern PHP App Server in Go (Install + Use)

FrankenPHP is a modern PHP app server built on Go and using the Caddy server under the hood. The standout feature that caught my eye was its standalone and self-contained binary, which can be easily downloaded and used without requiring any installation. In a single

Fzf: Quick Search via Fuzzy Finder on Linux (Install + Use)

โ€œfzfโ€ (or fuzzy finder) is a small, blazingly fast, and cross-platform command-line utility that allows you to perform interactive or dynamic searches via an interactive interface for effortless navigation and selection from matching options. Itโ€™s very flexible, and most often you will use it with

How to Install and Use Librum on Linux (with Usage Guide)

Iโ€™ve been a long-time reader and love learning about different topics, mostly enjoying reading on my laptop (sadly, I canโ€™t afford a Kindle ๐Ÿฅฒ) using desktop applications like Okular or Foliate. Despite offering exceptional features while being free and open-source, one thing I dislike the

How to Install and Use TurboWarp on Linux (Scratch Client)

If youโ€™re familiar with Scratch, then youโ€™re already acquainted with TurboWarp, as itโ€™s nothing more than a client for Scratch in Linux, offering additional benefits such as a compiler for faster project execution, a dark mode, an extensive library of extensions, and much more. For

DistroBox: Try Out Multiple Linux Distributions via the Terminal

As you all know, Linux is famous for its multiple variants in the name of distributions, each offering unique software repositories, package managers, desktop environments, release cycles, stability, and much more. The well-known Linux distributions are Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, and Arch, with the major

Easily Convert TS Videos to MP4 File Format via CLI or GUI

If youโ€™ve ever downloaded a video file using a popular download manager such as IDM or JDownloader, you might have received a TS (Transport Stream) video file from the server. If you want your video file to be in MP4 or any other file format,

FFmpeg: Powerful Multimedia Processing Tool (Installation + Usage)

FFmpeg (a.k.a. Fast Forward MPEG) is a robust, free, and open-source framework packed with a vast suite of libraries and programs for handling basic to advanced multimedia processing. It can perform tasks such as recording, converting, and streaming audio and video, making it the foundation

Basic to Extended Markdown Cheat Sheet With Examples

Markdown is a widely used standard for distributing text files with special syntax that modern software can easily understand and format, eliminating the need to write the entire HTML code. Consider it a way to add HTML style and structure to your text document in

Master VLC with These 10+ Expert Tips and Tricks

VLC is undoubtedly the best media player out there, but the ignorance of many users in learning it properly holds them back from utilizing the advanced features that VLC offers, which can ultimately improve the user experience to the next level. I used to be

JDownloader: An Open-Source Alternative to IDM (Install + Usage)

JDownloader is one of my favorite tools, as it is a free and open-source download management tool for multi-platform use, making it a perfect alternative to proprietary software such as IDM. It can perform all the tasks that other tools, like IDM, can do. To

How to Install and Use LunarVim on Linux (Complete Guide)

LunarVim is a fantastic NeoVim-based IDE, a community-driven project available for free to try, providing support for most popular programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, Node.js, Angular, Go, Scala, and 13+ more. It comes with a default configuration to offer features such as autocompletion,