How to Install and Use Perl on Linux

Perl, a high-level programming language renowned for its flexibility and robust text manipulation capabilities, was developed by Larry Wall and introduced in 1987. Upon its release, this tool gained widespread popularity across various domains, notably in scripting, text processing, system administration, web development, and beyond.

How to Install and Use Flatpak in Linux

Flatpak is another leading technology (after Snap) that provides a platform-independent framework for packaging, distributing, and running Linux applications. The core applications and related libraries are packaged in containers to provide a consistent and secure environment for applications to run on various Linux distributions. Flatpak

How to Reset a Forgotten MySQL Password on Linux

If you’re encountering the following error due to a forgotten password for your MySQL database, rest assured, you’ve come to the perfect destination for assistance. Follow along with the article to learn how to reset a forgotten MySQL password on Linux. Tutorial Details Description Resetting

Linux Head Command: View Top of Files & Command Output

In Linux, the head command is a commonly used command-line utility that allows you to view the top portion of a large file or the output of the command. The head command can be useful in various scenarios, such as taking a quick glimpse at

Snap in Linux: Features, History, Controversies, and Installation Guide

In this comprehensive article, you will learn what Snap is in Linux, discovering its remarkable features, intriguing history, and the controversies that surround it. Additionally, you will also learn how to install Snap on your preferred Linux distribution, followed by practical examples that showcase its

35+ Examples of Zypper Command for openSUSE Linux

Zypper is a popular and robust package management tool, holding its position as a cornerstone in both openSUSE Leap, freely available for personal use, and SUSE Linux Enterprise, exclusively designed for business applications. It is a command-line based package management tool that empowers Linux users

YUM Package Manager (From Rise to Replacement by DNF)

In this article, discover the intriguing history of the YUM package manager, from its rise to its decline, leading to its eventual replacement by DNF, a modern solution for package management. Explore whether it still holds value today and gain insights into essential YUM commands

Mastering Htpasswd Command on Linux

The htpasswd command-line utility is used to create or update password files that store users and their corresponding hashed passwords. Primarily used for authentication files in the Apache HTTP server to protect users access to certain directories or applications on a web server. However, you

Installing and Using Wget on Linux Like a Pro

In this article, you will explore the power of the wget command, discover the key features of wget, learn how to easily install it on major Linux distributions, and gain hands-on experience with practical examples. Tutorial Details Description Wget Difficulty Level Low Root or Sudo

Installing and Using Curl on Linux Like a Pro

Curl is an amazing open source command-line tool and a library for transferring data with URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). It provides support for 26 protocols and allows you to send requests and retrieve responses through these protocols. The majority of Linux distributions provide curl out

How to Upgrade from Fedora 39 to 40 (CLI + GUI Methods)

Last night, Fedora unveiled its highly anticipated release, Fedora 40 bringing GNOME 46 desktop and upgraded apps, the new KDE Plasma 6.0 desktop is also available, the Linux 6.8 kernel is powering this beast along with GCC 14 and Mesa 24.0 graphics drivers, and a

Beginners Guide for Diff Command in Linux

Today, in this article, you will learn how to use the diff command in Linux to compare the content of two different files or directories to find the changes that are required to make them identical. Tutorial Details Description Comparing Files or Directories Difficulty Level