Manage Multiple Versions of NeoVim via Bob Version Manager

NeoVim is a popular and modern CLI text editor for Linux. I’ve recently written a complete article on installing and using the latest version of NeoVim on your preferred Linux system. However, the article showed the traditional way of installing NeoVim, where you could only

What is DNF5 (How to Install and Use It) in Fedora Linux

After the launch of Fedora 39, DNF5 sparked discussions in the Linux community regarding its amazing features, performances, and other benefits compared to the current DNF. Given Fedora Engineering’s confidence and the likely agreement of FESCo, it is likely that it will become the official

MusicPod: Music, Radio, and Podcast Player for Ubuntu

MusicPod is a decent local music player but an excellent podcast and internet radio player for your Ubuntu Desktop. It was created using Flutter and is available to use as a Snap package. I’ve been using it for a while, and from my experience, if

Moosync: An Electron-based GUI Music Player for Linux

Can you name a good GUI music player? If not, Moosync could be your next favorite GUI music player in Linux—at least for me, if there wasn’t that one issue. Moosync: A Near-Perfect GUI Music Player for Linux Moosync is an open-source music player with

Fastfetch: A Tool for Fetching System Information on Linux

Fastfetch is a tool for fetching system information, similar to Neofetch, but with enhanced performance because it’s written in C and offers greater customizability, providing you with more control over the output. Overall, it’s a good tool available for most operating systems, like Linux, Android,

Spectrum is a CLI Music Player for Linux (Installation + Usage)

If you enjoy playing your music locally on your Linux system without internet connectivity using GUI media players like VLC, it’s time to transition to the elegant CLI tool called Spectrum. Spectrum: A Slick CLI Music Player Spectrum is a simple and amazing console-based media

Authenticator is an Open-Source 2FA App for Linux

My go-to option for saving and accessing TOTP codes for my social media platform is the Authenticator. It’s straightforward, open-source, accessible on Flatpak, and offers a convenient data export feature. It checks all the boxes I expect from a 2FA app, and I believe I

Mercury is an Optimized Variant of Firefox (Installation + Tips)

In the past, I’ve covered a lot of variants of Firefox browsers; among them, the most popular are Tor Browser, Waterfox, and Mullvad. Yet, there is another browser in your way, named Mercury. Mercury is an Optimized Variant of Firefox ⚠️ Currently, this browser is

Uh-Halp is an AI-Powered Command-Line Helper for Linux

Uh Halp is a cutting-edge AI command-line tool powered by OpenAI’s most affordable model, enhancing your command-line experience like never before. If you’re a loyal reader (if not, bookmark us now), you probably already know about chatGPT shell cli. It’s identical to this, with the

Thorium is the Fastest Browser on Earth (Installation + Tips)

🚀 Quick Overview This article explores the Thorium browser, its performance tests using various methods and features, and the developer’s customizations, including installation steps on your favorite Linux distribution. If you’re solely interested in learning Thorium’s installation steps, check out this section. I was having

Resources is a GUI-Based System Monitoring Tool for Linux

Resources is an amazing GUI-based system monitoring tool, much like the Windows Task Manager, designed for individuals like me who initially found it challenging to find running processes in Linux. It’s designed to be super user-friendly, built with Rust, GTK 4, and libadwaita for its

Mullvad Browser is a Tor Browser without a Tor Network

The Mullvad Browser, a joint effort of Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project, prioritizes privacy by minimizing tracking and fingerprinting, offering a Tor-like experience without the Tor Network. Instead of Tor Network, it integrates with a reliable VPN (basically Mullvad VPN itself), aiming to browse