“most” is an advanced alternative for the less command

The pager programs like more, less, and “most” are often used to fit the output of a particular command that is too big to fit on one screen. So, what is the difference between them? Features of More Command A few more features that it

Beginners Guide for Watch Command in Linux

In UNIX/Linux, “watch” is a resourceful utility for monitoring updates in the specified command output (including errors) by refreshing the results every 2 seconds until it is interrupted using the “Ctrl+c” shortcut key. It makes it easier for you to monitor the updates in background

A Tale of “More” and “Less” Commands in Linux

Linux users often use “more” and “less” commands interchangeably to read large files without understanding their differences, as their definitions are also identical in the manual. So, what’s their difference, and when should you use them? All of this doubt will be cleared in this

What is SSH and How to Install it on Linux?

In this article, you will learn what the SSH protocol is, how it works, and a short history of this protocol. If you are only interested in the installation part, then click here. Tutorial Details Description OpenSSH Difficulty Level Moderate Root or Sudo Privileges Yes

Listing All the Available Shells in Your Linux System

Bash is the most popular shell implementation program that most modern Linux systems like Debian and Ubuntu ship out of the box, unlike ZSH and Fish. However, operating systems like Kali Linux and macOS took a step forward by providing ZSH as the default login

What is Restricted Bash Shell (or rbash) on Linux

Linux (or its shells) is a powerful tool that can handle all the tasks on a workstation or server without a hitch, giving you full control over your system. Like managing the background process, setting up a web server, monitoring the network devices, handling a

What is Chroot Jail and its Usecase on Linux

While walking in your Linux journey, you might hit yourself with the term “chroot” (or “chroot jail”), and that’s what you’re about to learn today: what they are and their usage. Tutorial Details Description Chroot Jail Difficulty Level Moderate Root or Sudo Privileges Yes OS

What is Dash (/bin/dash) Shell on Linux?

You think you always interacted with Bash? Wrong; under the hood, there was a savior to provide you speed and better efficiency, known as Dash. What is the Dash Shell in Linux? Dash (or the “Debian Almquist shell“) is a UNIX/Linux shell that complies with

What is Shebang (#! /bin/bash) in Linux Shell Script

If you have been using Linux for a while, then you have definitely spotted this “#! /bin/bash” line at the beginning of an shell script. What is Shebang (#! /bin/bash) in Linux Shell Script The “#! /bin/bash” on Linux, famously known as shebang or hashbang,

How to Use Here Document (HereDoc) in Linux Shell Script

While writing shell script, you might get stuck in the situation where you want to redirect a block of lines from your script to interactive commands like sed, cat, ssh, or ftp. The purpose of this redirection might vary from situation to situation. For example,