How to Host V3 .Onion Website With Custom Domain on Linux

This article shows you how to set up .onion website with a custom domain for localhost on the dark web. Why would someone want to host their website on the dark web? The reasons could be anything from hosting a private site and keeping others’

rEFInd: A Modern and Customizable Boot Manager for Linux

If you’ve dual-booted Linux with another operating system like Windows and are stuck with the traditional GRUB boot manager, it’s time to switch to rEFInd, IMMEDIATELY! rEFInd: A Highly Customizable Boot Manager for Linux rEFInd is a highly customizable and modern boot manager for UEFI

Tokei: Quickly Count Different Metrics in Your Codebase

Once you have completed your assignment on a big software project (with or without a team), have you ever thought about how much code in different programming languages has been used in the project? If the project is hosted on GitHub, you might catch a

Cheat: Create a Cheatsheet for Your Favorite Command in Linux

Linux is popular for many reasons, one of which is its open-source nature and wide range of command availability. I’m very fond of its command-line usage instead of GUI, but sometimes, using different commands and remembering the options they have becomes quite troubling for me,

Fixing the ‘update-grub: command not found’ Error in Linux

The “update-grub” command, commonly used to apply changes made to the GRUB on Linux, was not available on my newly switched vanilla Arch system. Initially, I was quite surprised because I remember selecting GRUB during installation, and the GRUB screen also appeared on system boot,

jnv: An Interactive JSON Viewer and jq Filter Editor for Linux

I assume you are aware of jq (a JSON processor to parse and manipulate JSON data right from your command line), and recently we have also written an article on jaq (a superset of jq with additional features and improved performance), but today we bring

Bat is a Modern Drop-in Replacement for Cat Command on Linux

The bat is a modern command-line program written in the Rust programming language, and I can confidently say it’s a great drop-in replacement for our beloved cat command. If you’re wondering why I’m hyping this so much and what it has to offer you that

Chezmoi: Manage Your Dotfiles Across Multiple Linux Systems

If you’ve been using Linux for a decent amount of time, you might now realize that dotfiles on Linux are hidden files usually used for storing configuration for the system or software, e.g., “.bashrc“, “.zshrc”, “.vimrc“, “.git“, just to name a few. There has been

How to Debloat (or Swap) an Ubuntu System (Ultimate Guide)

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution that has consistently ranked among the top for over a year. I assure you that most of you reading this article undoubtedly had Ubuntu as your first Linux distribution. Two decades ago, when it was released, it was the

Atuin: A Modern Shell History on Steroids (Installation + Usage)

Atuin is a steroid for your traditional shell history, using SQLite as a database to record each user-issued command along with additional context like exit status, hostname, session, cwd, etc. It also offers a free public server or the option to self-host to sync your

Pyright: A Static Type Checker for Python (Install + Use)

Python is the most popular programming language in the world, as it provides great flexibility and simplicity to write and build big applications on AI/ML, automation, web apps, desktop, etc. One of the many reasons why Python is the top choice for programmers when developing